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Viggo & Elijah

too young to reason, too grown up to dream

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This is the community for Viggo/Elijah Lotrips slash, squee, and picspam.


1. Fics must feature the Viggo/Elijah pairing as the main focus of the story. It's acceptable to have other pairings within the story, but things should center on Viggo/Elijah. Series and multi-part fics are welcome, with the provision that Viggo/Elijah content is foremost in all chapters. If there is a question as to the suitability of a story, the mods will review the matter and make the final determination.

2. Fics must contain headers with rating, appropriate disclaimer, and any applicable warnings for content such as non-con, bloodplay, bdsm, and the like. (Please use common sense here. No need to warn for slash in a slash community.)

3. Please LJ cut, unless it's a drabble. Even then, LJ cut if it has content which, in your judgment, is likely to squick someone. This includes pics, with the exception of a small (i.e., thumbnail) teaser, and fic banners.

4. Picspam means picspam of the two of them together. There isn't much, but it's nice. There are other communities for squeeing over them separately-- try elijah_daily and viggo_daily.

5. No flaming. Or we will fetch the smiting stick. And you don't want that.

The storm is breaking
or so it seems
we're too young to reason
too grown up to dream

Now spring is turning
your face to mine
I can hear your laughter
I can see your smile

Slave to love...

-- Bryan Ferry

Enjoy! -- azrhiaz and ainigma, community owners/mods